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Driveway Dogs Mobile Grooming is not able to accept New Clientel at this time.

We appreciate your interest in our business and we look forward to hearing from you when life returns to normal. 

Be safe and well.​ 

​Mobile Dog Grooming...the only choice for you and your Pet

​appointment Day

   Driveway Dogs     Mobile Grooming

​The Van


​      Grooming Your Best Friend at Home ​or Business !

​The Driveway Dogs Mobile Grooming Van is a State of the Art, Luxury Mobile Spa.

​It will arrive at your home or office fully prepared, needing only your Best Friend, and nothing else! Not even water or electricity!

Some Cool Features:

*One piece to ceiling 16 gauge Stainless Steel Tub for optimal sterilizing between appointments.

*Recirculating Bathing Unit 

For massaging and cleaning your pup to the max

*50 Gallon Fresh and 50 Gallon Gray Water Tanks

*Hot and Cold Water Demand

*Furnace with Thermostat

*Air Conditioner 

Driveway Dogs Mobile Grooming

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​Driveway Dogs Mobile Grooming is unable to accept new clientel at this time. We appreciate your interest in our business and look forward to serving you when life gets back to normal.

Be safe and well.


​ All Mobile Dog Grooming appointments receive the following.

*All baths receive the highest quality spa shampoos and conditioners ALWAYS based upon YOUR Pet's needs.

*Specialty Spa Facial Scrub

*Ears are cleaned and only plucked if necessary

*Nails trim and dremeled if it isn't too upsetting for the Pet

*Anal glands checked and expressed (externally) upon REQUEST only.

*Sanitary area shaved 

*Pads trimmed 

*Air/Hand fluff dried with variable speed dryers. No cage drying which makes for a longer lasting finish and a happier Pet.

*Owners desired style 

*Proper de-Shedding shampoos, treatments and tools. I DO NOT PERFORM SHAVE DOWNS ! There are other groomers who will do that for you.

​​Why Mobile Grooming?

Why not?

Mobile Grooming has become the preferred choice of service for busy Families and Professionals. 

​No more anxiety or fussing with your Pet's to get them into the car, travel sickness, or extra trips to and from the salon.

Remember, I come to you! Saving you 2 round trips and gas to the grooming salon to drop off and pick up your pet. 

When your choose Driveway Dogs Mobile Grooming, you also choose to offer your Pet's to a lower risk of airborne illnesses, parasitic transmission, and NEVER any cages! 

​Your Pet is groomed with individual attention from start to finish and heads right back into the comfort of their home.

​So, why not Driveway Dogs Mobile Grooming? Fill out the Contact information to make your Pet's appointment today!

All fees are based on a variety of factors: condition of your Pet's coat, grooming time, behavior, age, size, breed, trim etc.

All Grooms are All-Inclusive! No hidden fees. Everything you just read in "Appointment Day".

We will always discuss your Pet's style and cost prior to their appointment.

Please remember when we discuss quotes via phone or email, these are only a range and your exact amount will be given once we meet.

  ~Add-ons and Fees:

*FLEAS~ extra charge and pet will be rescheduled for another day

*Heavy de-MATTING~ extra charge due to time 


*MUD BATHS ~ exfoliates dead skin cells and soothes dry, red , irritated skin

*CELLUMA Pro~  Light Therapy for your Pet's pain and skin issues (acne, hotspots, arthritis, recovering from surgery) Individual or Packages available